Xiaomi Mi2 Android

Xiaomi Mi2 (S/A) camera review/test

For those of you interested in the camera of the Xiaomi Mi-2 smartphones, be it the regular version, the S or the A version, here is a quick review of the camera-app and the camera in general.

Please know that this was shot using a Xiaomi Mi@ with an 8 megapixel camera. The biggest/most expensive version of the Xiaomi Mi2S has a 13MP camera (although slightly less fast lens-wise) and thus differs. The software stays the same.

Xiaomi Mi2 Android

Xiaomi Mi2 Android smartphone videoreview

The Xiaomi Mi2 smartphone is an imported smartphone from China. It is on par with some of the highest end smartphones available now in both Europe and America. If you feel this phone is too slow, you can even go for the Xiaomi MI2s which has just been released.

I have been using the Xiaomi Mi2 (or mi-2) android smartphone for several months now and it has been wonderful. I am using the custom Rom from MIUIandroid.com. This enables an internationalized version of the standard MIUI rom from XIAOMI. Not only the languages are changed to the one you desire (I am using Dutch) but also the apps are optimized for use outside of China.

I have made a quick introduction/review video on this phone. Hope you guys like it as much as I do.

Xiaomi Mi2 videoreview

The Xiaomi Mi-2 is highly customizable. This goes a bit beyond the standard customization Android comes with.

I am running the V5 version of the MIUIandroid ROM. This is based on:
Android 4.1.1 JR003L
MIUI: MIUI-3.4.5
Quadcore @ 1.5ghz
32GB internal memory

I paid 350 euros including shipping etc.

If you want to see more features of this phone, please let me know in the comments below!


Buying a new PSU

Power Supply Unit – Buying a new PSU

Choosing the right PSUBekijk in het NederlandsWhen you are buying a female viagra pills new computer, or building your own from scratch you want it to be as good as possible for as little money as possible. Depending on your needs and budget, a new computer can range anywhere from €150,- to €1500,-. Most of that money is spent on the core components like the CPU, GPU and memory. This is fine as they are very important parts of your computer, but one important component is usually overlooked. The tadalafila 5mg PSU, or viagra 100mg power supply unit, is of viagra générique vital importance to your computer and can greatly harm or even destroy your new computer rig when the wrong choices are made. kamagra jelly Which PSU should you buy and comprar viagra which PSU should you avoid? I will try to answer those questions below.

Why Power Supply Units are important

canadian drugs PSU’s, or cialis pills power supply units come in various shapes and sizes, but also in very different price ranges. Picking a good power supply unit can be a though one, since the speficications of a PSU are so different from any other specifications related to computers. If you know your way around Ghz, cores, clockspeed, gDDR5 and so it is very well possible that you still do not know a lot about Watt, volts, lanes and other power supply slang. You may also not be aware of how much power your computer actually needs. Most people, and manufacturers go for the lowest amount of power needed in the cheapest case. Although the first can’t really do any harm, the cheapest brand can destroy your computer in the long run.

The dangers of a bad PSU

Avoid Bad PSUPower supplies for computers advertise a certain range of power they are able to supply to your computer system. This amount should be more or equal to the amount of power your computer consumes at maximum workload. In general, all PSU’s provide the amount of power they advertise with in the beginning, but this is where it gets interesting. Cheap brands power supplies tend to citrato de sildenafila 50mg lose power over time. This may not be noticed straigt away because your computer does not use all the power your PSU provides, or is not working at its maximum workload often, but as your PSU slips underneath the power threshold your computer needs, or your computer suddenly demands more power because of a heavy workload – playing games or crunching lots of numbers for example – you may experience a tadalafil 20 mg sudden loss of power resulting in an viagra vs cialis vs levitra unexpected reboot of your computer. If this happens once, it is annoying. You usually have no idea why it happened and no error or pharmacy express bluescreen of death is presented. Your computer just powers down ands starts booting up again as if nothing had happened. As your cheap cialis PSU degrades further this tends to happen more often.

This happened to very often a few years back. Especially when I was playing a game, which requires my graphical unit to really crunch to the limit, thus requiring a lot power, my computer tended to lose power or shut down. At first I thought it was the graphics unit itself and replaced it. Luckilly for me it was time for a replacement anyway, but the problem stayed the same. After examining my computer for days, running all kinds of tests and looking at various error logs I was unable to find what was wrong with it. After a while i replaced my power unit after finding some leads to how crappy my PSU was supposed to be and voila, no more problems – ever!

Burn power supply unitIn addition to losing power over time, bad PSU’s can simply cialis 10 mg destroy your computer because of malfunctions. A power spike, short circuiting or random malfunctions can literally fry your valuable equipment by overloading them with power – something most high-tech components cannot handle very well. You can guard yourself from this by buying a PSU which has the proper protection in place for this. This will not guarantee that nothing can ever go wrong, but will greatly reduce the chance of this ever happening to your computer.

My power supply turned out to be from a very cheap brand and was known for loosing power over time. I did some research and found out there was much difference between different power supplies. Not only did I find several things to keep in mind when buying a new computer power supply, but I also find several brands to absolutely avoid and several PSU brands which tend to be way better than others.

Find out which PSU to buy and which brand of power supply to avoid…

Bad and good brands for your PSU

Power Supply Unit – Which brand to avoid when buying a PSU

Antec great PSU brandBekijk in het NederlandsWhen buying a new PSU you must consider several things, including the does viagra work brand. Simply put, there are kamagra kaufen good PSU’s and generic viagra for sale bad power supplies. It just so happens that most of the good ones fall in the same group of cialis coupon brands, where most of the bad computer power supplies fall in a different group of brands. This results in a list of bad and good brands when it comes to your viagra generico computer power supply. If you want to avoid destroying your computer due to a bad PSU, or want to buy something that will last longer than a year, you may want to spend the few extra bucks and get a AAA brand PSU instead of the cheapest one available.

PSU brands – which to avoid and which are great!

When you look at problems people tend to have with their power supply you see certain brands pop up a lot more than others. In addition, these brands tend to come up as well when you look at PSU’s failing after a year or something comparable.

viagra pills for sale Brands to avoid when buying your PSU:

sildenafil coupons Brands to avoid when buying a PSU sildenafil citrate 100mg  
buy cialis A-TOP Technology viagra vs cialis vs levitra Apevia
viagra without prescription APEX viagra side effects Aspire
best price for viagra ATADC kamagra bestellen Athena Power
sildenafil vs viagra ATRIX where to get viagra Broadway Com Corp
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viagra buy Hiper Type-R sildenafil rezeptfrei kaufen Huntkey
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kamagra jelly JPAC COMPUTER www.viagra.com Just PC
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tadalafila Logisys Computer sildenafil 50 mg MGE
kamagra 100 mg MSI cialis samples NMEDIAPC
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tadalafilo Zebronics


The same goes for positive reactions and long lasting power supplies. Several brands tend to be really reliable and their PSU’s seem to last much longer than cheaper brands.

online drugstore Brands to look at when buying your computer power supply unit:

viagra tablets Top Notch Power Supply Unit brands viagra.com  
where to buy cialis Antec Corsair
sildenafil 50 mg Enermax tadalafilo Kingwin
kamagra 100 mg oral jelly PCP&C online pharmacies canada Sapphire
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marley generics sildenafil Seventeam cost of viagra 100mg walmart XFX
cialis coupons Zippy


viagra 50mg Great PSU brands viagra patent expiration  
viagra nebenwirkungen Akasa CoolMax
cialis generic availability Cooler Master tadalafilo Cooltek
cialis pills Cougar canada pharmacies online Enhance
sildenafil dosage EVGA cialis australia Fortron
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generic viagra available in usa Rosewill levitra generic Sentey
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viagra samples Thermaltake Thortech
Topower Xclio StablePower
Xigmatek Zalman

Besides avoiding certain brands of PSU’s or looking at quality brands for computer power supply units there is more to it than that. Power supplies can get certificates which show you just how well they perform consumption wise. A power supply tens to lose some of its power to heat, thus resulting in more power consumed than put to good use. This is where the certificates come in.

Read more on picking a good computer power supply and PSU certificates

PSU certifications and efficiency

Power Supply Unit – Efficiency and certification

PSU 80 PLUS certificationBekijk in het NederlandsAs said before, power supply units tend to lose some of its power to heat production. This results in less power put to good use compared to the power that is drawn from your socket. PSU certifications show you just how well your PSU should perform.

Power Supply Unit efficiency

There are several different kinds of certifications for PSU’s. The normal 80 PLUS certification means that a certain PSU efficiently uses 80% of the power consumed at 20% load, 50% load and 100% load. Every PSU loses power to heat and 80% efficiency is actually pretty good. There are of course power supplies that go over the 80% and those gain other certificates. In all there are 6 kinds of 80 PLUS PSU certifications to be had, where each they all indicate a certain degree of efficiency of the power supply unit.


PSU 80 PLUS Certificates

PSU Certification standards

As you can see it goes up all the way to over 90% efficiency, which is pretty incredible, but is not that much of a necessity for the average consumer. Anything with an 80 PLUS certification or 80 PLUS bronze should do more than well for your computer and basically tells you that you are buying a decent PSU.

Besides efficiency there are of course more things to look at when buying a power supply unit. One of things is a modular design.

Read more on modular designs and getting the right PSU for your computer!

Modular power supply units

Power Supply Unit – Modular PSU’s

Modular PSUBekijk in het NederlandsSo we have discussed some brands to avoid and some brands to definitely consider when buying a power supply unit as well as some certifications modern PSU’s should have, but besides that is of course also something as usability. A very important factor for any PSU is that it should have all the connections your computer needs. Every basic PSU has connectors for your motherboard, a harddisk and an optical drive, but if you are using a lot of different expansion slots – like an advanced graphics card – you better make sure it has the connections needed for that card. Modular Power Supply Units can help you there.

What are Modular Power Supply Units?

With standard PSU’s all cables are attached to the unit at all times. If you are not using some of those cables they are just hanging there, cluttering your case and reducing your airflow. For basic users this is not a big problem, but for the more advanced users this can be very annoying. Another annoyance can be upgrading. When you buy new components and find out that your PSU does not have any free power cables for that specific component anymore, you can basically buy a new power supply unit. There is however a solution for these problems; Modular Power supply units.

Modular Power Supply UnitModular PSU’s only feature the basic elements permanently, like a cord for your motherboard. The rest of the wires are optional and can be freely switched in and out. This removes unnecessary cables in your computer case, and allows you to switch cables when your need for connections changes. These modular PSU’s usually are bit higher prices, but that small amount of extra cost can sure make a big difference.

Getting a modular PSU or a regular power supply unit is something to keep in mind when buying a new PSU for your computer.

To get an overview of what to consider when buying a new power supply unit I took the liberty of writing a quick summary on the different aspects of buying a PSU – read on to find out more.

Help buying a new power supply unit

Power Supply Unit – Buying a new PSU overview

What to look for in a PSUBekijk in het NederlandsWhen you are buying a new PSU we have seen several things you should keep in mind. Below is a quick overview of what to look for in a power supply unit.

Computer power consumption

The first thing you should look at is the amount of power your computer will be consuming, and attune your power supply unit to that number. To find out the power needed you can look at each individual component and find out how much power they consume, or use one of the several online tools to get a good estimate. Asking an expert is of course usually best, especially if you are pretty new at this. Although more power ensures your computer of the needed power, it is unwise to go too far above your needs, since this will cost you more money when  buying the PSU, as well as in the electric bill in the end. I have a pretty high end system with a hexa-core processor and a very decent graphics card, several hard disks and enough memory to make it all run smoothly and I am only using a 550 Watt power supply unit.

You can read more on PSU efficiency and minimizing power consumption here

PSU brands

The second thing to keep in mind when buying a new computer power supply unit is the brand you are buying. There are several brands you should avoid. On the flipside: there are a lot of brands known for their quality products and long lasting PSU’s. Here is an overview of quality power supply unit brands.

Modular Power Supply Unit

The third thing to keep in mind is wether you have or need all the connections on a PSU. Make sure you can connect all your components using the proper cables and connectors, and minimize the amount of cables not used. For an optimal effect you may consider buying a modular PSU.

Besides all this, you can also choose for a power supply unit with built in lights to create certain effects in your computer case, but this of course totally optional.

I hope this information was helpful for those about to buy a PSU and you will make the right choice for your computer’s power supply unit.

Any questions or comments? Drop them in the comments sections below and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Enjoy!

The new Myspace is comming

Social Media – The new Myspace is coming!

The new Myspace is comming!Bekijk in het NederlandsMyspace, the once so popular social media website that plummeted into nothingness after several changes has suddenly sprung back to life! From the burnt remains of the old website suddenly an entirely new and fresh social platform pops up. What has it in store for us?

The new Myspace

On new.myspace.com a video is shown which quickly covers the new layout of the new Myspace. In this very well produced video we see a website that resembles nothing like the old Myspace. An enourmous overhaul has produced a flashy, well designed and very smooth looking social platform where not only statuses are shared, but pictures, music and much more. What is so different about this? It looks incredible! It looks like on big integrated piece of design and technology.

It seems you will be able to login to the new Myspace using your existing Twitter and Facebook accounts, linking already existing content to not have the hassle of filling up your new account with old information yet again. In addition to that, it seems that music and video play a key role in the new Myspace, where you can create mixes and playlists and easily share this with your contacts. The playlists can be accompanied by pictures showing whatever you feel with that particular piece of music.

Video can be used as profile backgrounds and everything seems to happen on the fly. I for one cant wait to get my hands on the new Myspace, and I am not alone in this; Facebook stock has plummeted since the new Myspace was announced!

The new Myspace from Myspace on Vimeo.


Apple anounced the new iPhone 5 – was it worth the wait?

the new iphone 5Bekijk in het NederlandsThe moment is there! The new iPhone 5 has officially been presented. Apple fans have been waiting for this moment ever since the minor disappointment of the iPhone 4s. The iPhone 5 promises to be a great smartphone and will probably sell amazing like any other iPhone, but what is new?

The new iPhone 5

Let’s take a look at the phone itself. It has become slightly bigger, but also less thick. The screen has become somewhat longer, resulting in a resolution of 1136×640 where older models like the iPhone 4 and 4s had a resolution of 960×640. This makes that the dots per inch stay the same, which compared with the newer Android phones is on the lower side.
The screen also features ‘integrated touch’, which means the touch layer is integrated into the LCD itself, making the screen less reflective and able to show better color.

The phone features a new connector which is usable however you plug it into your iPhone 5, up or down. This is a great feature and surely will remove a lot of hassle, but it also renders all previous gadgets, chargers and cables useless.

Can iPhone 5 keep up?

iphone 5

The processor has had a big boost and is claimed to be twice as fast as the one from the iPhone 4s. This is because of the two Cortex A15-cores. The GPU is also claimed to be twice as fast.


iphone 5

The phone has become almost 2mm thinner as its predecessor. Where the iPhone 4s was 9.3mm thick, the new iPhone 5 is only 7.6mm. Another welcome feature is the support of Lte, or the new version of wireless internet aka 4g.

iOS 6

The new iPhone 5 will run on iOS 6. The YouTube app is removed, Turn-by-Turn navigation is included and an upgraded version of Siri will be pre-installed. To support Siri three microphones have been installed on the iPhone 5. The microphones will also enable HD Voice, a feature which increases the audio quality of regular calls through the use of more bandwidth.

new iphone 5The iPhone 5 does not feature NFC support nor does it feature Bluetooth 4.0, which is a shame. The iPhone 5 will be available for the same price as the iPhone 4s when it was released.

It sure is an improvement from the iPhone 4s, but in my opinion it is on the minimal side of things. I was hoping to see more raw power from both the CPU and GPU, a screen with a higher resolution and more adoption of newer technologies like NFC. It is of course a decent phone, but for the final results we will have to wait a little longer. The 21st to be exact, since this is the date that the new iPhone 5 will be launched.



fdgu435i687ofdsg760sfdgsd45fd – A VSEO test case

Bekijk in het NederlandsVideo Search Engine Optimization is crucial for any modern webmaster. Video has great potential over, or in addition to, your regular website and should be used and implemented whenever possible to attain higher traffic and better SEO rankings. For my graduation assignment concerning VSEO I will be doing thorough research in this field. Results will be posted here later, but for now – a test page.


This test page doesn’t necessarily  have to be about anything, besides a unique keyword string: fdgu435i687ofdsg760sfdgsd45fd.

The video below will also integrate this string, fdgu435i687ofdsg760sfdgsd45fd, into itself to see how this all affects rankings.

A major update on VSEO will soon be posted on this website when I completed my graduation.