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Aaxa P4 Review – Bright Image Mini Projector But Poor Battery

AAXA P4 Pico ProjectorBekijk in het NederlandsWith pocket size mini projectors, the Aaxa P4 is not the most mobile version of the latest collection, yet it performs extremely well in delivering bright images.  However, the P4 experiences average battery life, and the audio does not comply to the image quality standards.

The Aaxa P4 mini projector

With double the size of iPhone and weighing around 8 oz, Aaxa P4’s DLP technology delivers 80 ANSI lumens of image brightness. The competitor products can deliver the image brightness of only 30 to 50 ANSI lumens. The good thing about the bright picture is that the mini projector works well without having to dim the lights in the room. In my personal experience, I saw that the P4 images in the projector were clearly visible in an open room space.

You can even increase the size of these images. The P4 manual states that the product can deliver images up to 50.5 inches from as far as 8 feet distance. The aspect ratio is 16:9.


mini projectorThe local resolution of 858×480 is quite normal for a high-end mini projector and it supports input resolutions of 1280×800. It supports VGA through an integrated VGA-to-mini-USB cord, and composite video. The negative side is its limitation to iPads or iPhones accessibility.
You may separately buy a cable connector for just $20 provided it has a video-out support. This enables you to use a microSD card for your source material, for example. You can also use a USB port to connect to  devices such as a mouse or a keyboard. You can get a mobile size keyboard and a USB dongle for an additional $50.

Aaxa P4 also offers an built-in 1-watt speaker and a pair of headphones. Unfortunately, there is no Wi-Fi feature to connect to internet and the batter life is too low – less than 75 minutes for a full four-hour charge.

A cute little tripod also accompanies the unit that can slide or bend with gooseneck legs but the legs are not too strong, and may cause trembling from time to time. This can be frustrating sometimes since adjusting the tripod is the only way to deal with this issue.

stand-alone pico projectorThere is a read-write facility for the file formats such as word, excel and PowerPoint through SoftMaker, a windows CE app, that is included in the product. The Aaxa supports all video types including AVI, MP4, FLV, RM, RMVB and MPG. Support for MP3 and JPG is also present. You can also play music files or stills from micro SD or USB drive connected to it.


In conclusion, the ability to show clear, perfect images in a bright room is the biggest selling point of Aaxa P4 that may be attractive to business travellers who need projectors almost all the time. However, if long battery with a decent audio is a concern, then look elsewhere. Luckily, this is probably not one of the main concerns you have when looking for a portable mini projector.

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