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Android Custom Roms – Upgrade Your Phone

Android Custom RomBekijk in het NederlandsA while back we dedicated an article to overclocking android, and for that we had to use an android custom rom on my HTC Hero. The roms back then were not stable enough to be used on a daily basis, but lately my hands have been itching again. I decided to search the web for a new rom to try, and found one that should put Android 2.3.5 with HTC Sense 3.5 on my old HTC Hero. Besides Ice cream Sandwich this is the newest version of android and sense available, so I just had to give it a try!

Does the android custom rom work

I am going to start with my conclusion of this rom, the HTX Zero 0.21. You may want know if the rom is any good before you read through all the steps needed to install it. In short: it depends. As with all custom roms, it has its ups and downs. I must say, for the newest android and Sense, it runs rather smooth, plus you can properly boast about it since you are running this software on a three-year-old phone. It has never fully rebooted for me, but the Sense interface does perform a soft reboot every now and then. This can be annoying, but it is just that…minor annoyance.

The upside is that you are running the newest version of Android and Sense. This includes for example the new unlock screen, which is indeed a big improvement. Also the widgets look nicer, and when overclocked and supercharged, the phone also runs rather smooth. Keep in mind that my  HTC Hero only overclocks to just under 600mhz, where most HTC Heros are able to go to 700mhz. This should smoothen up the phone even more and should enable perfect use of this rom.

Custom roms have some downsides

HTC SenseThis all sounds great, but sadly, there are more downsides as well. This morning I was late for work because my alarm, which was properly set, did not go off. Annoying if you use the phone’s alarm as your only way to wake up in the morning, but probably not a major issue for most people.  Another thing, which I haven’t been able to verify properly, is that I have the feeling I am not receiving all my text messages. I know I didn’t  receive at least one, but I am unsure if this is due to my phone’s software, the other user or the major network usage in the area at that time.

When updating apps and using for example the internet browser at the same time, the phone is sometimes unable to handle the stress and becomes  unusable for a short period of time. This usually results in a soft reboot and that’s fine, but it also occurs whenever your just listening to music or something and this can be of a bigger annoyance.

It also has some other issues, like disabling auto-sync and 3g connection sometimes for no proper reason and connecting a Bluetooth headset sometimes just won’t work.

It’s rather random.


Android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.5 on your HTC Hero

In short, this rom works, and when overclocked and running a supercharger script it is pretty smooth, but still has too much flaws for me to keep using it as a daily rom. If you overclock your HTC Hero higher it may prove to be more stable, but I’m going to try another rom soon.

Check back for a review on my next rom!

Please leave any advice on which rom to try in the comments!

In the meantime, if you want to give this rom a go you will find some useful information and links below.

Getting the proper files

The most important thing to do when setting up a custom rom is to be prepared. You need the custom rom, a romloader of some sorts, backups if you want and possible an official rom to flash when all things go to hell. The hardest part was to find a proper romloader. I always used Clockworkmod for my roms, but they decided to stop supporting android 2.1 – the one which my HTC Hero was running on. Because of that, it was unfindable in the Android market. For some reason every other romloader was gone as well. Strange… I had to load Clockworkmod in a different way. Easy as pie, if you can find the proper APK file for that, but this proved to be harder than I thought. Luckily, I am going to save you the trouble of finding that file. It can be found right here!

For the rest of the steps I’m going to redirect you to my previous post about loading custom roms and overclocking android. Everything should still work the same as back then, and if you are unable to find some apps in the market, just download their APKs manually and install them that way.

For the rom itself and more on the subject please check out XDA-Developers


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  1. Sugar

    Always do a Titanium Backup before you swtich to another ROM. I had the same problems. What I did was do a Titanium Backup. After you get your new Rom go to the market get Titanium Backup. When you open T.B. go to restore but don’t restore all apps with data. Choose restore missing apps+system data . What that does is keeps your from overloading the MG Rom with apps you already have on your back up. Just restore the apps that the MikG Rom doesn’t have. One more thing make sure you have Apps2SD it will save you a lot of space also because you have the freedom to move apps to your SD card on this ROm


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