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Xiaomi Mi2 Android

Xiaomi Mi2 (S/A) camera review/test

For those of you interested in the camera of the Xiaomi Mi-2 smartphones, be it the regular version, the S or the A version, here is a quick review of the camera-app and the camera in general.

Please know that this was shot using a Xiaomi Mi@ with an 8 megapixel camera. The biggest/most expensive version of the Xiaomi Mi2S has a 13MP camera (although slightly less fast lens-wise) and thus differs. The software stays the same.

Xiaomi Mi2 Android

Xiaomi Mi2 Android smartphone videoreview

The Xiaomi Mi2 smartphone is an imported smartphone from China. It is on par with some of the highest end smartphones available now in both Europe and America. If you feel this phone is too slow, you can even go for the Xiaomi MI2s which has just been released.

I have been using the Xiaomi Mi2 (or mi-2) android smartphone for several months now and it has been wonderful. I am using the custom Rom from This enables an internationalized version of the standard MIUI rom from XIAOMI. Not only the languages are changed to the one you desire (I am using Dutch) but also the apps are optimized for use outside of China.

I have made a quick introduction/review video on this phone. Hope you guys like it as much as I do.

Xiaomi Mi2 videoreview

The Xiaomi Mi-2 is highly customizable. This goes a bit beyond the standard customization Android comes with.

I am running the V5 version of the MIUIandroid ROM. This is based on:
Android 4.1.1 JR003L
MIUI: MIUI-3.4.5
Quadcore @ 1.5ghz
32GB internal memory

I paid 350 euros including shipping etc.

If you want to see more features of this phone, please let me know in the comments below!



Apple anounced the new iPhone 5 – was it worth the wait?

the new iphone 5Bekijk in het NederlandsThe moment is there! The new iPhone 5 has officially been presented. Apple fans have been waiting for this moment ever since the minor disappointment of the iPhone 4s. The iPhone 5 promises to be a great smartphone and will probably sell amazing like any other iPhone, but what is new?

The new iPhone 5

Let’s take a look at the phone itself. It has become slightly bigger, but also less thick. The screen has become somewhat longer, resulting in a resolution of 1136×640 where older models like the iPhone 4 and 4s had a resolution of 960×640. This makes that the dots per inch stay the same, which compared with the newer Android phones is on the lower side.
The screen also features ‘integrated touch’, which means the touch layer is integrated into the LCD itself, making the screen less reflective and able to show better color.

The phone features a new connector which is usable however you plug it into your iPhone 5, up or down. This is a great feature and surely will remove a lot of hassle, but it also renders all previous gadgets, chargers and cables useless.

Can iPhone 5 keep up?