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The new Myspace is comming

Social Media – The new Myspace is coming!

The new Myspace is comming!Bekijk in het NederlandsMyspace, the once so popular social media website that plummeted into nothingness after several changes has suddenly sprung back to life! From the burnt remains of the old website suddenly an entirely new and fresh social platform pops up. What has it in store for us?

The new Myspace

On a video is shown which quickly covers the new layout of the new Myspace. In this very well produced video we see a website that resembles nothing like the old Myspace. An enourmous overhaul has produced a flashy, well designed and very smooth looking social platform where not only statuses are shared, but pictures, music and much more. What is so different about this? It looks incredible! It looks like on big integrated piece of design and technology.

It seems you will be able to login to the new Myspace using your existing Twitter and Facebook accounts, linking already existing content to not have the hassle of filling up your new account with old information yet again. In addition to that, it seems that music and video play a key role in the new Myspace, where you can create mixes and playlists and easily share this with your contacts. The playlists can be accompanied by pictures showing whatever you feel with that particular piece of music.

Video can be used as profile backgrounds and everything seems to happen on the fly. I for one cant wait to get my hands on the new Myspace, and I am not alone in this; Facebook stock has plummeted since the new Myspace was announced!

The new Myspace from Myspace on Vimeo.


Apple anounced the new iPhone 5 – was it worth the wait?

the new iphone 5Bekijk in het NederlandsThe moment is there! The new iPhone 5 has officially been presented. Apple fans have been waiting for this moment ever since the minor disappointment of the iPhone 4s. The iPhone 5 promises to be a great smartphone and will probably sell amazing like any other iPhone, but what is new?

The new iPhone 5

Let’s take a look at the phone itself. It has become slightly bigger, but also less thick. The screen has become somewhat longer, resulting in a resolution of 1136×640 where older models like the iPhone 4 and 4s had a resolution of 960×640. This makes that the dots per inch stay the same, which compared with the newer Android phones is on the lower side.
The screen also features ‘integrated touch’, which means the touch layer is integrated into the LCD itself, making the screen less reflective and able to show better color.

The phone features a new connector which is usable however you plug it into your iPhone 5, up or down. This is a great feature and surely will remove a lot of hassle, but it also renders all previous gadgets, chargers and cables useless.

Can iPhone 5 keep up?

iphone 5

The processor has had a big boost and is claimed to be twice as fast as the one from the iPhone 4s. This is because of the two Cortex A15-cores. The GPU is also claimed to be twice as fast.


iphone 5

The phone has become almost 2mm thinner as its predecessor. Where the iPhone 4s was 9.3mm thick, the new iPhone 5 is only 7.6mm. Another welcome feature is the support of Lte, or the new version of wireless internet aka 4g.

iOS 6

The new iPhone 5 will run on iOS 6. The YouTube app is removed, Turn-by-Turn navigation is included and an upgraded version of Siri will be pre-installed. To support Siri three microphones have been installed on the iPhone 5. The microphones will also enable HD Voice, a feature which increases the audio quality of regular calls through the use of more bandwidth.

new iphone 5The iPhone 5 does not feature NFC support nor does it feature Bluetooth 4.0, which is a shame. The iPhone 5 will be available for the same price as the iPhone 4s when it was released.

It sure is an improvement from the iPhone 4s, but in my opinion it is on the minimal side of things. I was hoping to see more raw power from both the CPU and GPU, a screen with a higher resolution and more adoption of newer technologies like NFC. It is of course a decent phone, but for the final results we will have to wait a little longer. The 21st to be exact, since this is the date that the new iPhone 5 will be launched.



Android – Samsung announces the long awaited Galaxy S III

Samsung galaxy s 3Bekijk in het NederlandsThe long awaited follow-up of Samsung‘s very successful Android flagship has been announced and will be released later this month. The Samsung Galaxy S II will be followed up by the Samsung Galaxy S III which will be a lot faster than its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III was announced during the unpacked event and will feature Samsung’s own Exynos 4 Quad core processor. The Quad-soc runs on 1.4 GHz which is the same as Nvidias Tegra 3 chip. The Samsung Galaxy S III will feature a 4.8″ Super Amoled HD screen with a 720p resolution of 1280×720. It is 8.6mm thick and weighs 133 grams which is just a bit heavier than HTC’s counterpart the One X. An optional gadget is a styles which can be used to control the phone, but that needs to be purchased separately.

Besides running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, or Android 4.0 the Samsung Galaxy S III runs Samsung’s very own touchwiz skin. The skin features several new features, like a siri-like voice control and software that tracks the user’s eyes in order to see if the screen could be turned off to preserve battery life. Popup video enables video content to pop-up even if a different app is running in the foreground.

Galaxy S III Specifications

Samsung galaxy s 3The Samsung Galaxy S III is packed with the newest technology out there. The 2100mAh battery will supply all those gadgets with juice. Amongst those tech-gadgets are Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11n-wifi, NFC, DLNA and two cameras, an 8 megapixel camera on the back and a 1.9 megapixel camera on the front to allow video calls.

The NFC function allows you to pay small transactions in shops using your phone. Galaxy Beam allows you to connect two phones directly where the transfer of data is sent through wifi-direct to increase speed. DLNA allows your Samsung Galaxy S III to connect and stream to several different devices to play music or show video or pictures on a big screen wirelessly.

The Android phone will be available at the end of may. The Samsung Galaxy S III will be a direct competitor of the HTC One X which costs around 550 Euros. It is expected to be priced similarly.


rebuild website

Technopsis is rebuilding the Dutch counterpart

rebuild websiteBekijk in het NederlandsWe are currently in the middle of rebuilding the Dutch counterpart of our website. As Dutch users may have noticed the Dutch home page is not working as it should due to conflicts between our theme and the polylang plugin. I have been searching for a new theme, but have concluded that this problem persists with most other themes. Therefore I decided to rebuild the Dutch counterpart and nest it under a NL subdomain, using a fresh install of WordPress.

The rebuild is going to take us some time, but the framework is already done. What still needs to be done is get the design right and insert the logos etc. In addition, we need to completely repopulate the Dutch website and relinking every old URL to the new URLs using 301 redirects to keep it pretty for our search engines.

We hope the transition will go smoothly, but surely there will be some complications. Please allow us some time to optimize the website. After everything is back in order we will start posting fresh and interesting content once again.

Note that in the meantime our research concerning Video Search Engine Optimalisation is progressing. Check back soon to see more on that!


Why Facebook is never charging money for its services

facebookBekijk in het NederlandsYou see it almost daily on Facebook. The question whether or not you will ever have to pay for Facebook. The answer to this question is simple: no. Why not? Because we are not Facebook’s customers, we are its trade goods.


Everyone knows Facebook. It has become the biggest social network on this planet. Millions of users across the world stay in touch through Facebook and share all the ins and outs of their daily life happily with all their contacts. Facebook has become THE medium to keep your social life going and to expand it easily. But what if all this would become a paid service? That question is asked almost daily on Facebook itself, and if it not a question then it is a poll to ask whether or not you will still use Facebook after they charge money for its use. The fear of that ever happening is totally without foundation simply because we are not Facebook’s customers, we are its trade goods.


Like us on FacebookHundreds of millions of users visit Facebook every day. What would happen to all those people once Facebook becomes a paid service? They would easily switch to a free alternative like Google+. This is something Facebook wants to prevent at all costs. Why? Because Facebook earns its money through those little advertisements you see throughout its web pages, and ads tend to generate more money when they are viewed by more people. Once Facebook would charge money for its service a huge amount of people would stop coming to its website, thus stop seeing those advertisements. The amounts of money Facebook would generate through advertisement would plummet and would not even be compensatable by the revenue they could create with the income for its paid services.

Does Facebook sell user data?

facebook chargeAnd there it is again. The shadowy rumor. Although there is no hard evidence it is brought to light again and again that Facebook isn’t very concerned about its user’s privacy. We also know that Facebook stores everything you ever did in and around Facebook. They know which songs you have listened to on Spotify, how much money you spend monthly on Facebook games and they know what websites you tend to visit. This information alone is worth an incredible amount of money and advertisement agencies are extremely eager to pay for that information. This kind of information mining would become a lot less efficient if suddenly millions of people leave Facebook because it has become a paid service. As I have said before, there is no actual proof that this is happening, but it is something you may want to consider.

Whatever you believe, Facebook would crumble if they would charge money for its services. Therefore it is ridiculous to even think they would ever take that step if you thought about it for a second or two. This also means that those endless streams of Facebook posts about whether or not this will ever happen may stop, because the answer is clear.

Google Chrome banner

Google introduces Chrome extension that enables easy remote desktop

chromeBekijk in het NederlandsIf you have relatives that are not that well educated in the wondrous world of computers chances are that you have to make regular visits to fix the most simple tasks. Now there are certain solutions to do that remotely by taking over someone’s pc through the internet, but that can be hard to set up. Luckily, Google is introducing an experimental plug-in for its Chrome browser doing just that, but then simpler.

Chrome Remote Desktop <Beta>

The new feature is still in its beta stage, but is already available for test use in the extension shop, or you can simply click here. Once the extension is installed in chrome, you can get an 8-digit code that you can send to the one fixing your pc remotely. When the code is entered in someone else’s Chrome extension, that person will get full control over the other’s desktop. The major advantage here is that Chrome runs on every operating system, thus this is also possible on every operating system.

The extension is open-source, and the source code can already be viewed on the Chromium webpage. The connections are all encrypted using SSL and the graphics are compressed using Google’s very own WebM-format.

I cannot wait for this to go public, since I have to make a lot of visits lately to fix someone’s pc, or do simple things as installing a piece of software. With this add-on all those lost hours will be history. Let’s hope Google releases it soon.

Chrome on Android

Google – Chrome finally becomes Androids stock browser

chromeBekijk in het NederlandsGoogle is finally adapting its desktop browser for mobile use. Implementing Chrome into android would be a big step forwards for the mobile platform. The two different browsers that are used now already share a lot of the same code, but now they become one, synchronizing everything between pc, laptop, tablet and phone.


Chromium, the backend for the Chrome browser and a lot of other Google products like the new Chrome operating system, will finally be implemented into android. This means that you data can be synchronized to all you devices at once now. Your bookmarks will be available on your phone and your extensions will be there when you open Chrome on your tablet. It is not yet certain if android will feature plug-ins as well like the android Firefox version does, but it would be a great asset. In addition you will probably see updates to the browser way more often.

The only downside is that it will probably only be released for newer versions of Android. I would love to see the changes first hand, but I’m afraid it will have to wait until I replaced my trusty HTC Hero.

bitcoins guide

Bitcoin – Bitcoin ATM machines are comming

bitcoinsBekijk in het NederlandsA new innovation in the world of Bitcoins is here. Bitcoin ATMs. These terminals allow you to charge your bitcoin wallet by inserting real money into the machine. In addition, the terminal is able to spit out real, tangible bitcoins. These plastic cards represent a certain amount of bitcoins.

Bitcoin ATMs

The company plans to release several dozens of ATMs globally in the next few months. They are also planning on releasing some kind of bitcoin bank card, enabling the development of real life transfers of bitcoins. Perhaps you can actually pay with a bitcoin card in a real grocery store someday. We will see. In the meantime you may want to check out this video:


WhatsApp finally makes it appearance on Windows Phone


Bekijk in het NederlandsAfter becoming available on Android, iOS and BlackBerry, the immensely popular app WhatsApp has finally become available for Windows Phone. The app enables users to text-message each other through the use of the available internet connection. Support for the Windows Phone platform can mean a great increase in the market position of Microsoft on the mobile market.


Besides the fact that WhatsApp allows users to chat without having to pay for text-messages or phone costs, the app has more features that makes it so popular. The app integrates with the already present contact list. The user does not have to invite contacts themselves, as WhatsApp invites every contact automatically. In addition, it allows for cross-platform use. This means that people who do not use the same OS for their mobile phone can still chat with each other.

The fact that WhatsApp finally becomes available for Microsoft’s Windows Phone is a big boost for the OS since the app is immensely popular and having WhatsApp on your platform lowers gives users more confidence that they will be able to use all the modern apps as well. At the moment the app is installed on 70% of the iPhones in the Netherlands according to The app only runs on Windows Phone 7.5 or higher.



iOS – Apple adds improved speech control to iOS 5

appleBekijk in het NederlandsThe assistant feature of iOS will greatly improve when iOS5 launches. The speech control function will be activated by holding the home button for a few seconds. After that a new array of options is available, activated by speech, according to the website 9to5mac who claims to have an early version of the iPhone 5 in their possession.

iOS5’s assistant

The new assistant allows the user to open the message center and to use speech in order to ‘write’ a text message. The phone automatically converts your speech to text. In addition you can add agenda points or start the navigation app. One of the new features includes asking where a certain contact is at that time. This function can be disabled. The phone is also able to talk back at you. It can ask for extra information, like to which email address a certain message needs to be sent.

Another new function is Wolfram Alpha. This lets you ask any question and the phone will try to answer it. This can be for example a scientific question or something on the field of mathematics. The phone answers verbally.

The Assistant feature seems to be rather similar to the Android voice function. In Android accessing features like these verbally was already possible.