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Privacy – Facebook tracks user even when logged out

facebookBekijk in het NederlandsOnce again Facebook is taking hits in the privacy section. During the past few days it has introduced several new features, but with those it has added several new privacy neglecting features as well. Do you really want Facebook to be able to track your behavior even once you have logged out?

Facebook tracking

In the updates that have been made to the Facebook network the past few days a new hidden feature was added as well, logged out tracking. This means that Facebook is able to track what you are doing on the net even after you have logged out from Facebook’s service. This is done by adding cookies to your browser that keep working after you left These cookies are able to track any page you visit with a ‘like’ button or any other Facebook application, like a widget.

Facebook’s official fix to this situation is to log out of its services, but as the finder of this new ‘feature’, hacker Nik Cubrilovic, proved, this does not work. The only absolute fix for this problem is manually removing the cookies used by Facebook from your browser.

Way to go Facebook! You managed to get in the news once again, but sadly it is not due to a positive reaction to the changes. It is because you are crossing the privacy line of your clients once again. I personally do not really care, but if you are trying to keep your online privacy, although this is hardly possible, be on the lookout for even sites that you think you can trust.

google plus

Google Plus opens for public


Google Plus

Bekijk in het NederlandsGoogle plus, or Google+ has finally got rid of initiations as has opened its doors to the public. As of this morning everybody, with or without invitation, can create a new account on Google+. In addition some tweaks have been made to the Android app for smartphones and tablets.

Google plus

Google+, the social network from Google, has finally opened its doors to the public after a long beta period. Although this is good news, I can’t image people who wanted access were not able to get access, because invitations were widely spread across the web. Now you can create an account without the hassle of finding an invitation. It might just save Google+ from a swift death.

At first, when plus was just launched, it was extremely busy on the network. Everyone who could get their hands on an invitation didn’t hesitate to tell anybody, and all the new features that plus offered had to be thoroughly tested. After a short while however, the new and shiny edges became a bit less shiny, and Google+ turned silent once again. I personally hardly ever check plus these days, but that might just change now that everyone can create a new account.

The mobile Android app has undergone some changes as well. From now on you will be able to access video chats from your smartphone if you have a front camera. Also, huddles have been renamed to messages and include a file sharing system now that allows you to send pictures and other files to each other. You will need Android 2.3 or higher to use this update. An iOS update is not yet available, but Google says it is working on it.

After all this time it is still hard to predict what Google+ will do in the future, but now it has gained its official beta-tag, we might be able to shed some more light on that matter in a little while. I for one will keep track of its updates.


Facebook adds new features

facebookBekijk in het NederlandsFacebook, one of the most popular social media platforms, is getting new and updated features. What to think of the twitter-like subscription button or the Google+ circles-like smartlist function? This post will cover the basics of the updates.


The first addition to Facebook is the subscribe button. With this button you will be able to follow people more easily in a twitter-like style without the need to be Facebook friends. You will also be able to set the priority of the messages that person posts, thus enabling you to filter out the less important spam that some people you hardly know tend to throw on Facebook in large numbers. Switch between showing all updates of a person, to most updates or important updates only.

In addition you will be able to filter out certain posts, like the updates from Facebook games per person. This enables you to filter out messages from your brothers mafia games, but you will still be able to see your sisters Farmville invites etc. This also applies to Playstation network trophy updates etc. A nifty feature besides the fact that it somewhat based on the functionality on twitter it may also be a bit too much work for the regular Facebook user.

Smart lists

Another new feature is the smart lists feature. While lists are not new to Facebook, they have greatly improved with this new addition. Smart lists are automatically generated by account information. People will be added to lists on basis of where they live, what school they went to, or work related topics. In addition you get to see posts and photos of your best friends in a single list for your convenience. The suggest function for your various lists has been improved as well, making it easier to create your custom lists.

The good thing about lists is that not only you will be able to see the updates of people in your list in a single convenient place, but also that whenever you post something you get to choose with which list you want to share this information. This enables you share some embarrassing pictures with only your friends without having to worry that your co-workers get to see them.

The new lists are a great improvement compared to the old lists, and because it is made easier to create your lists it will probably be used more. This all does sound a lot like Google+’s circle option, but it is a welcome feature to Facebook.


Underclock wifi-chips improves battery life


wifiBekijk in het NederlandsAmerican researchers of the Michigan university claim to have developed a way to double the battery lifespan of tablets and smartphones by underclocking the wifi-chipwhen no data is being sent or received.

Wifi chips

Most of the time, your wifi compatible device like your smartphone or your tablet is scanning the surroundings for data it can pick up. This is a rather easy process on the chip, but while performing this simple task it uses just as much power as it would when actively uploading or downloading data. Researchers have concluded that by underclocking the wifi-chips present in these devices to about 6 percent of their capacity when scanning  they can increase the battery life of those appliances by almost 50 percent. Researchers call this technology E-MiLi, which stands for Energy Minimizing Idle Listening.

When the chip recognizes a header in the data it scans, it will switch back to full capacity until the transfer of data is complete.

The technology will not easily applicable to already existing hardware. The firmware of the wifi-chip needs to be updated, but I do not see old hardware updated for this quickly. Even the new generation smartphones and tablets will probably not use this technology nor will they require an update, since internal testing and adopting a new technology usually takes a lot of time.