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Mugen power extended battery for smartphones review

Extended battery smartphoneBekijk in het NederlandsSmartphones are becoming increasingly popular. People have to be connected 24/7 and the closest the phones get to shutting down is the silent mode. There is however one big drawback to all this. The battery life of your smartphone cannot keep up with your social life. You phone has be plugged in every 6 hours and you can’t go anywhere without your charger. After I pretty much destroyed my previous battery, I decided not to go back to this sad excuse for a battery, but upgraded my stock battery to a custom extended battery. Read how it holds up in this post.

Extended battery life with Mugen Power

I decided to order the Mugen Power 1550mAh Extended Replacement Battery for my HTC Hero. I somehow shipped this extended battery to a wrong address, but I ended up with this battery after about 12 days. It cost me only $30,- which is about €23,- and this includes shipping from the other side of the world. Peanuts! I received the extended battery in a bit of plastic with a very short manual. It looked rather cheap, but heck, it was cheap. I read that you should charge it first for about 5-6 hours and repeat that for about five times. When I charge my phone I usually keep it charging overnight which is plenty of time.

I plugged it in and found out it was already half charged. I decided to go with it and find out how long my phone would last on half a battery. A few hours later it was almost completely drained, which was quite a disappointment. I charged it overnight and the next day my phone stayed up for the entire day. At the end of the day however the phone warned me that it was about to shut down. No harm done, the day was done anyways, but still it was a bit disappointing yet again.

After another night of charging I let it run for another day. This time the bar was still green by the time I was home again! A big improvement! The next day went even better and now the phone is still half charged when it is time to go to bed. Even when I use it extensively listening to music while surfing the internet for longer periods of time a day the extended battery doesn’t budge.

This extended battery didn’t come with a custom cover for my phone because it was just as big as the normal stock battery, but there is even a bigger version out there which would last even longer. You will end up with a thicker phone, but if you use it a lot and travel for many hours without the possibility to charge it, this might be a solution for you.

All in all this was a very good investment. I hardly have to worry about the battery life of my phone now, where I previously had the hook it up to a socket every time I traveled for more than an hour. I tested the battery for the HTC Hero, but I would recon this would go for many other smartphones with replaceable batteries as well.

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