Privacy – Facebook tracks user even when logged out

facebookBekijk in het NederlandsOnce again Facebook is taking hits in the privacy section. During the past few days it has introduced several new features, but with those it has added several new privacy neglecting features as well. Do you really want Facebook to be able to track your behavior even once you have logged out?

Facebook tracking

In the updates that have been made to the Facebook network the past few days a new hidden feature was added as well, logged out tracking. This means that Facebook is able to track what you are doing on the net even after you have logged out from Facebook’s service. This is done by adding cookies to your browser that keep working after you left Facebook.com. These cookies are able to track any page you visit with a ‘like’ button or any other Facebook application, like a widget.

Facebook’s official fix to this situation is to log out of its services, but as the finder of this new ‘feature’, hacker Nik Cubrilovic, proved, this does not work. The only absolute fix for this problem is manually removing the cookies used by Facebook from your browser.

Way to go Facebook! You managed to get in the news once again, but sadly it is not due to a positive reaction to the changes. It is because you are crossing the privacy line of your clients once again. I personally do not really care, but if you are trying to keep your online privacy, although this is hardly possible, be on the lookout for even sites that you think you can trust.

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