fdgu435i687ofdsg760sfdgsd45fd – A VSEO test case

Bekijk in het NederlandsVideo Search Engine Optimization is crucial for any modern webmaster. Video has great potential over, or in addition to, your regular website and should be used and implemented whenever possible to attain higher traffic and better SEO rankings. For my graduation assignment concerning VSEO I will be doing thorough research in this field. Results will be posted here later, but for now – a test page.


This test page doesn’t necessarily  have to be about anything, besides a unique keyword string: fdgu435i687ofdsg760sfdgsd45fd.

The video below will also integrate this string, fdgu435i687ofdsg760sfdgsd45fd, into itself to see how this all affects rankings.

A major update on VSEO will soon be posted on this website when I completed my graduation.

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