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Google Plus opens for public


Google Plus

Bekijk in het NederlandsGoogle plus, or Google+ has finally got rid of initiations as has opened its doors to the public. As of this morning everybody, with or without invitation, can create a new account on Google+. In addition some tweaks have been made to the Android app for smartphones and tablets.

Google plus

Google+, the social network from Google, has finally opened its doors to the public after a long beta period. Although this is good news, I can’t image people who wanted access were not able to get access, because invitations were widely spread across the web. Now you can create an account without the hassle of finding an invitation. It might just save Google+ from a swift death.

At first, when plus was just launched, it was extremely busy on the network. Everyone who could get their hands on an invitation didn’t hesitate to tell anybody, and all the new features that plus offered had to be thoroughly tested. After a short while however, the new and shiny edges became a bit less shiny, and Google+ turned silent once again. I personally hardly ever check plus these days, but that might just change now that everyone can create a new account.

The mobile Android app has undergone some changes as well. From now on you will be able to access video chats from your smartphone if you have a front camera. Also, huddles have been renamed to messages and include a file sharing system now that allows you to send pictures and other files to each other. You will need Android 2.3 or higher to use this update. An iOS update is not yet available, but Google says it is working on it.

After all this time it is still hard to predict what Google+ will do in the future, but now it has gained its official beta-tag, we might be able to shed some more light on that matter in a little while. I for one will keep track of its updates.

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