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Technopsis is rebuilding the Dutch counterpart

rebuild websiteBekijk in het NederlandsWe are currently in the middle of rebuilding the Dutch counterpart of our website. As Dutch users may have noticed the Dutch home page is not working as it should due to conflicts between our theme and the polylang plugin. I have been searching for a new theme, but have concluded that this problem persists with most other themes. Therefore I decided to rebuild the Dutch counterpart and nest it under a NL subdomain, using a fresh install of WordPress.

The rebuild is going to take us some time, but the framework is already done. What still needs to be done is get the design right and insert the logos etc. In addition, we need to completely repopulate the Dutch website and relinking every old URL to the new URLs using 301 redirects to keep it pretty for our search engines.

We hope the transition will go smoothly, but surely there will be some complications. Please allow us some time to optimize the website. After everything is back in order we will start posting fresh and interesting content once again.

Note that in the meantime our research concerning Video Search Engine Optimalisation is progressing. Check back soon to see more on that!

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