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Xiaomi Mi2 Android

Xiaomi Mi2 Android smartphone videoreview

The Xiaomi Mi2 smartphone is an imported smartphone from China. It is on par with some of the highest end smartphones available now in both Europe and America. If you feel this phone is too slow, you can even go for the Xiaomi MI2s which has just been released.

I have been using the Xiaomi Mi2 (or mi-2) android smartphone for several months now and it has been wonderful. I am using the custom Rom from MIUIandroid.com. This enables an internationalized version of the standard MIUI rom from XIAOMI. Not only the languages are changed to the one you desire (I am using Dutch) but also the apps are optimized for use outside of China.

I have made a quick introduction/review video on this phone. Hope you guys like it as much as I do.

Xiaomi Mi2 videoreview

The Xiaomi Mi-2 is highly customizable. This goes a bit beyond the standard customization Android comes with.

I am running the V5 version of the MIUIandroid ROM. This is based on:
Android 4.1.1 JR003L
MIUI: MIUI-3.4.5
Quadcore @ 1.5ghz
32GB internal memory

I paid 350 euros including shipping etc.

If you want to see more features of this phone, please let me know in the comments below!



Mini laptop mouse with Bluetooth – Sweex MI702

Bekijk in het NederlandsSweex mini laptop mouseNetbooks are slim, small portable laptops that can be used for any kind of simple computer task. They are incredible versatile can be popped open whenever you want. The only problem is their damn mouse pads. They are extremely inferior to a normal mouse and can kill your experience using a netbook. In order to use a netbook properly, you are going to need a mini laptop mouse. But which one should you buy?

My experiences with mini laptop mice

I have been using a netbook for quite a while now and am a very happy owner. My netbook made my life a lot easier and way more portable. I did however require a decent mini mouse to make the damn thing useable, since I hate having to work with touchpads. So far I got two mice. One was a bad starter and the other one was a great investment using Bluetooth.

I started out with an HP mouse that looked just like my HP Pavilion DM-1 netbook. It had the same design and looked like it was meant to work with the netbook I bought. It came with a mini adapter to establish a wireless connection straight to my netbook. It worked fine, sure, but it had some pretty big flaws.

First of all, the HP mini mouse lacked two buttons on the side of the mouse to quickly navigate back and forth between pages. Annoying, but I knew this from the beginning. The latter and bigger defect of the mouse was the fact that the scroll wheel hardly worked. Whenever I scrolled down, the page went somewhat up, somewhat down, staying pretty much in the same place in the end. In addition, I got rather annoyed by the mini USB adapter for the wireless connection always sticking out of my perfectly small netbook, making it a bit harder for the netbook to slide into its sleeve.

When the batteries of my first wireless mini mouse were depleted, I decided to not buy new batteries, but a new laptop mouse. I decided I did not want to use another wireless adapter that had to stick out of the side of the laptop anymore, but wanted to use my already present Bluetooth technology. I searched for a bit and found my new mini laptop Bluetooth mouse, with the two side buttons for quick navigation and a proper scroll wheel: the Sweex MI702 Bluetooth Laser Mouse.

The Sweex MI702 Bluetooth laser mouse

Mini bluetooth mouseThe Sweex MI702 Bluetooth laser mouse cost me 20 bucks, but has been well worth the investment. The mini mouse comes in a dark blue color, and has six buttons in all. Besides the regular left-right-middle click buttons it has two buttons on the side for quick navigation and a DPI switch button on the top. It has a maximum resolution of 1600 DPI. It works on normal AAA batteries and the battery life has been great. I have been using it for several months and have not yet had to replace my batteries. It uses invisible laser to navigate so you don’t see any light coming out of the mouse during normal use.

The Sweex MI702 Bluetooth Laser Mouse looks very solid and has good grip. The side of the mouse and the scroll wheel are padded with anti-slip material to ensure your grip. On the bottom is a connect button to create a connection with your laptop, which is only used the first time you pair the mini mouse with another device and the on/off switch. The mouse is light, but not too light and small so you can just throw it in your bag along with your netbook or laptop.

I have been using this mouse for months now and have yet to find a better alternative laptop mouse using Bluetooth. All in all a great investment for only a few bucks.

Wireless Bluetooth laptop mouse