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Why Facebook is never charging money for its services

facebookBekijk in het NederlandsYou see it almost daily on Facebook. The question whether or not you will ever have to pay for Facebook. The answer to this question is simple: no. Why not? Because we are not Facebook’s customers, we are its trade goods.


Everyone knows Facebook. It has become the biggest social network on this planet. Millions of users across the world stay in touch through Facebook and share all the ins and outs of their daily life happily with all their contacts. Facebook has become THE medium to keep your social life going and to expand it easily. But what if all this would become a paid service? That question is asked almost daily on Facebook itself, and if it not a question then it is a poll to ask whether or not you will still use Facebook after they charge money for its use. The fear of that ever happening is totally without foundation simply because we are not Facebook’s customers, we are its trade goods.


Like us on FacebookHundreds of millions of users visit Facebook every day. What would happen to all those people once Facebook becomes a paid service? They would easily switch to a free alternative like Google+. This is something Facebook wants to prevent at all costs. Why? Because Facebook earns its money through those little advertisements you see throughout its web pages, and ads tend to generate more money when they are viewed by more people. Once Facebook would charge money for its service a huge amount of people would stop coming to its website, thus stop seeing those advertisements. The amounts of money Facebook would generate through advertisement would plummet and would not even be compensatable by the revenue they could create with the income for its paid services.

Does Facebook sell user data?

facebook chargeAnd there it is again. The shadowy rumor. Although there is no hard evidence it is brought to light again and again that Facebook isn’t very concerned about its user’s privacy. We also know that Facebook stores everything you ever did in and around Facebook. They know which songs you have listened to on Spotify, how much money you spend monthly on Facebook games and they know what websites you tend to visit. This information alone is worth an incredible amount of money and advertisement agencies are extremely eager to pay for that information. This kind of information mining would become a lot less efficient if suddenly millions of people leave Facebook because it has become a paid service. As I have said before, there is no actual proof that this is happening, but it is something you may want to consider.

Whatever you believe, Facebook would crumble if they would charge money for its services. Therefore it is ridiculous to even think they would ever take that step if you thought about it for a second or two. This also means that those endless streams of Facebook posts about whether or not this will ever happen may stop, because the answer is clear.