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Google introduces Chrome extension that enables easy remote desktop

chromeBekijk in het NederlandsIf you have relatives that are not that well educated in the wondrous world of computers chances are that you have to make regular visits to fix the most simple tasks. Now there are certain solutions to do that remotely by taking over someone’s pc through the internet, but that can be hard to set up. Luckily, Google is introducing an experimental plug-in for its Chrome browser doing just that, but then simpler.

Chrome Remote Desktop <Beta>

The new feature is still in its beta stage, but is already available for test use in the extension shop, or you can simply click here. Once the extension is installed in chrome, you can get an 8-digit code that you can send to the one fixing your pc remotely. When the code is entered in someone else’s Chrome extension, that person will get full control over the other’s desktop. The major advantage here is that Chrome runs on every operating system, thus this is also possible on every operating system.

The extension is open-source, and the source code can already be viewed on the Chromium webpage. The connections are all encrypted using SSL and the graphics are compressed using Google’s very own WebM-format.

I cannot wait for this to go public, since I have to make a lot of visits lately to fix someone’s pc, or do simple things as installing a piece of software. With this add-on all those lost hours will be history. Let’s hope Google releases it soon.

Chrome on Android

Google – Chrome finally becomes Androids stock browser

chromeBekijk in het NederlandsGoogle is finally adapting its desktop browser for mobile use. Implementing Chrome into android would be a big step forwards for the mobile platform. The two different browsers that are used now already share a lot of the same code, but now they become one, synchronizing everything between pc, laptop, tablet and phone.


Chromium, the backend for the Chrome browser and a lot of other Google products like the new Chrome operating system, will finally be implemented into android. This means that you data can be synchronized to all you devices at once now. Your bookmarks will be available on your phone and your extensions will be there when you open Chrome on your tablet. It is not yet certain if android will feature plug-ins as well like the android Firefox version does, but it would be a great asset. In addition you will probably see updates to the browser way more often.

The only downside is that it will probably only be released for newer versions of Android. I would love to see the changes first hand, but I’m afraid it will have to wait until I replaced my trusty HTC Hero.