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The new Myspace is comming

Social Media – The new Myspace is coming!

The new Myspace is comming!Bekijk in het NederlandsMyspace, the once so popular social media website that plummeted into nothingness after several changes has suddenly sprung back to life! From the burnt remains of the old website suddenly an entirely new and fresh social platform pops up. What has it in store for us?

The new Myspace

On new.myspace.com a video is shown which quickly covers the new layout of the new Myspace. In this very well produced video we see a website that resembles nothing like the old Myspace. An enourmous overhaul has produced a flashy, well designed and very smooth looking social platform where not only statuses are shared, but pictures, music and much more. What is so different about this? It looks incredible! It looks like on big integrated piece of design and technology.

It seems you will be able to login to the new Myspace using your existing Twitter and Facebook accounts, linking already existing content to not have the hassle of filling up your new account with old information yet again. In addition to that, it seems that music and video play a key role in the new Myspace, where you can create mixes and playlists and easily share this with your contacts. The playlists can be accompanied by pictures showing whatever you feel with that particular piece of music.

Video can be used as profile backgrounds and everything seems to happen on the fly. I for one cant wait to get my hands on the new Myspace, and I am not alone in this; Facebook stock has plummeted since the new Myspace was announced!

The new Myspace from Myspace on Vimeo.

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Adapt Or Die – Use Social Networking To Increase Business

Use social media for your businessBekijk in het NederlandsEvery day, millions of computer users log on to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They update their own statuses, catch up on what their friends and relatives have been up to, post opinions and photographs and get involved with groups of like-minded individuals. These sites have become the modern equivalent of the local meeting places such as the market, the pub and the office water cooler.

However, even though so many people use social networking sites, very few companies have investigated the commercial possibilities of using them as well. Those that have done so have been pleasantly surprised by just how much response they can gain from a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter and the various localised sites around the world.

Immediate returns for all

A web-based marketing campaign can produce highly impressive results, and the most successful of all will generate interest from existing and potential customers in a matter of hours. The effect on revenue streams will be almost immediate, so any company owner or director who underestimates the power of the social networking scene is taking a huge risk.

Needless to say, if a company ignores the potential that its rivals have already embraced, it could soon get left behind. And with the constantly changing face of online marketing, it may even be impossible to play catch-up. On the Internet, fortunes are made and lost at a speed which would have been unimaginable two decades ago.

And the winner is ….

One of the most effective ways to garner interest on the various social networks is to hold a competition. It brings plenty of traffic to the company’s site in the process, and will appeal to people from all walks of life. The prize doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive one, either. A free weekend break for two, perhaps, will be ideal, or maybe train tickets to a specific destination.

As is always the case, the company that invests the most money in social media initiatives will reap the most impressive rewards. Choosing to ignore the possibilities really shouldn’t be an option, however. Whether it’s a huge financial conglomerate with offices all over the world or a local enterprise with one shop or office, Facebook, Twitter and the rest should be utilized as soon as possible. For a small outlay, any business in any sector of industry could be enjoying a brighter future in no time at all. It really is that simple.

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Google Plus opens for public


Google Plus

Bekijk in het NederlandsGoogle plus, or Google+ has finally got rid of initiations as has opened its doors to the public. As of this morning everybody, with or without invitation, can create a new account on Google+. In addition some tweaks have been made to the Android app for smartphones and tablets.

Google plus

Google+, the social network from Google, has finally opened its doors to the public after a long beta period. Although this is good news, I can’t image people who wanted access were not able to get access, because invitations were widely spread across the web. Now you can create an account without the hassle of finding an invitation. It might just save Google+ from a swift death.

At first, when plus was just launched, it was extremely busy on the network. Everyone who could get their hands on an invitation didn’t hesitate to tell anybody, and all the new features that plus offered had to be thoroughly tested. After a short while however, the new and shiny edges became a bit less shiny, and Google+ turned silent once again. I personally hardly ever check plus these days, but that might just change now that everyone can create a new account.

The mobile Android app has undergone some changes as well. From now on you will be able to access video chats from your smartphone if you have a front camera. Also, huddles have been renamed to messages and include a file sharing system now that allows you to send pictures and other files to each other. You will need Android 2.3 or higher to use this update. An iOS update is not yet available, but Google says it is working on it.

After all this time it is still hard to predict what Google+ will do in the future, but now it has gained its official beta-tag, we might be able to shed some more light on that matter in a little while. I for one will keep track of its updates.